Organiser for Sewing, Fabric, Patterns, Craft, Notions, Needlepoint, Accessories

The only organiser crafters, sewers, knitters, crochet & needlepointers require.

Turn your stash of patterns, fabric, and crafting goodies into a searchable organiser.

This database runs on Microsoft OneNote. OneNote is free for all whether you have a Mac or a Windows computer.

There are so many advantages to having your crafting/sewing goodies catalogued and organised.

No special skills are required. Just add the OneNote app to your computer or device and follow the instructions included.

What you will be able to do with this organiser:

- Search for whatever you want on any device and at any time for example check and lookup:

> if you find some fabric you love and want to match it with a pattern look it up right there in the store and see what pattern will be perfect and how much fabric you require!

> check what notions you have in your stash eg: zippers, thread etc

> check what tools you own eg: knitting needle sizes, crochet hook sizes, sewing tools etc

> keep a record of your fabric, pattern, needlepoint, yarn stash

- By keeping a record of your crafting supplies you will always have a searchable organiser and never buy more than you need.

Use the organiser to add anything and everything that relates to your sewing, crafting, crochet, knitting or needlepoint journey. The options are endless

The organiser comes with a load of great references to where to buy products, tutorials, tips and more.

The organiser is extremely flexible, you can add and delete the content and sections to suit your needs.

This organiser is packaged with:

- instructions on how to upload to OneNote

- video instructions on how to use the organiser

- ready to use immediately

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